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Affordable Customisation

At Royale Vita, we put design and comfort above all.

And now, you can make it yours – just tell us how you want it.



The best leather seatings of the finest quality and exquisite designs by international designers with quality craftsmanship – all at affordable and exclusive prices.

Premium 3 Seater with Recliner


Usual Price: S$10,960

Now: S$5,280

Nuage L-Shape


Usual Price: S$11,960

Now: S$3,980

Classica 3 Seater


Usual Price: S$7,560

Now: S$3,980

Iago 3.5 Seater

Iago 3.5.jpeg

Usual Price: S$9,580

Now: S$4,880

Icaro L-Shape


Usual Price: S$9,699

Now: S$4,280

Ita Dining Table

Ita dining table setting.JPG

Usual Price: S$1,899

Leaf Dining Table 

Leaf dining table setting.JPG

Usual Price: S$2,889

Leaf Coffee Table 

Leaf Coffee Tables.jpg

Usual Price: S$1,998

Now: S$899

Newport L-Shape


Usual Price: S$10,560

Now: S$5,280

Giovanne 3 Seater


Usual Price: S$6,330

Now: S$2,880

Piana 3 Seater

WhatsApp Image 2022-05-26 at 11.25.58 AM.jpeg

Usual Price: S$7,760

Now: S$3,780

Ettore 2.5 Seater


Usual Price: S$7,180

Now: S$3,080

Abbraccio 3 Seater

Abbraccio 2.jpg

Usual Price: S$9,128

Now: S$3,280

Leaf Shelf 

Leaf Shelf.jpg

Usual Price: S$2,679

Now: S$1,299

Leaf U TV Console

Leaf U TV Unit 2.jpg

Usual Price: S$3,398

Now: S$1,299

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